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TP-40020NPS Thermal Plasma Nanopowder Synthesis System

A multipurpose experiment or a tiny amount production system which uses RF induction plasma of super-high temperature, high purity, and high chemical reaction field.
Main applications are nanopowder synthesis and surface treatment of fine powder.
Compact one unit system, small foot print, easy installation and easy operation.


  • Argon based thermal plasma.
    Can generate mixed plasma by introducing other gases such as oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen.
  • By introducing raw materials such as fine particle into the plasma, evaporation or melting, chemical reaction or reforming are done instantaneously.
  • Can create nanomaterials, not only single element nanoparticle but also composite nanoparticle.
  • High-purity material synthesis under non-consumable electrode and in-flight plasma process.

Examples of nanopowder synthesis

Nickel nanopowder synthesis from fine powder of approx. 2 to 3 micron

Silicon nanopowder synthesis from fine powder of approx. 1 micron

Nanopowder synthesis of multielement ceramics by flash evaporation from mixed several ceramics

Example of nitride synthesis

Si3N4 nanopowder synthesis by nitriding from silicon fine powder of approx. 5 micron

Example of composite powder

Copper nano particles are deposited around tungsten particle

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  • RF power : max. 6kW
  • Generate argon based RF induction plasma
  • Working pressure : approx. 10 to 70kPa

Rough indication for nanopowder synthesis experiment

  • Raw material powder : Inorganic material of metal or ceramics
  • Powder size : approx. 1 to 10μm *1 *2
  • Powder feeding rate : 0.1 to 1g/min *1 *2
  • *1 : Depending on powder kind / size / weight / shape / state.
  • *2 : Over 10 μm powders can be used for treatments of surface modification,
           surface chemical reaction and spheroidization.
           And the rate can be over 1g/min.


Input power Φ3  AC200V±5%  approx.50A
Cooling water approx. 60L/min in total
Water quality : Tap water degree
Inlet pressure : 0.3 to 0.4 MPa
Outlet pressure : 0.1 MPa or less
Gases for plasma Ar=max.50L/min *3
O2=max.  5L/min (Optional spec)
N2=max.  5L/min (Optional spec)
H2  *4
Carrier gas=max. 10L/min (Optional spec)
Ground 10Ω or less
  • *3 : Actual use : approx. 30 to 40L/min
  • *4 : Consideration of safety measures is required.

External dimensions

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