Study of Nanoparticles at UTSA: One Year of Using the First JEM-ARM200F Installed in USA

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JEOLnews Volume 46, Number 1,2011 Alvaro Mayoral†,†††, Rodrigo Esparza†, Francis Leonard Deepak†,††,
Gilberto Casillas†, Sergio Mejia-Rosales††††, Arturo Ponce† and Miguel Jose-Yacaman†

† Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Texas at San Antonio
†† International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, Avda Mestre Jose Veiga
††† Laboratorio de Microscopias Avanzadas (LMA), Instituto de Nanociencia de Aragon (INA), Universidad de Zaragoza, c/Mariano Esquillor, Edificio I+D
†††† Center for Innovation and Research in Engineering and Technology, and CICFIM-Facultad de Ciencias Fisico-Matematicas, Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon

The first results from our group that have been obtained using the newly installed aberration-corrected STEM microscope (JEOL JEM-ARM200F) are reported. Studies were carried out on noble metal nanoparticles and their corresponding alloys and / or core-shell structures. In this paper we focus on some of the exciting areas of research that have been under investigation in our group. These include studies on Au nanoparticles, bimetallic Au-Co anoparticles and core-shell Au-Pd nanoparticles. In addition, studies that were carried out on very small clusters namely Pd-Ir and other similar systems have also been highlighted in this report.

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