qNMR Summit 2018



1日目 10月10日(水)

時間 演題
9:00~11:00 qNMR-Workshop (MNova)
(Dr. Michael Bernstein, Mestrelab Research)
10:15 Registration, Coffee break
10:45 Welcome address
(Prof. Dr. Ulrike Holzgrabe, University of Wuerzburg)
11:00 "What is ClON NMR and How to Q it"
Dr. James Hook, University of New South Wales Sydney, Australia
12:15 Lunch break / Poster session
13:30 Workshop: Automatic qNMR
13:30~14:00 Dr. Rainer Kerssebaum (Bruker BioSpin)
14:00~14:30 Dr. Takako Suematsu (JEOL)
Dr. Michael Bernstein (Mestrelab Research)
14:30~15:00 Common discussion
15:00 Session on Regulatory Affairs
15:00~15:30 "GMP in qNMR"
Dr. Rainer Kerssebaum (Bruker BioSpin)
15:30~16:00 "ISO Standardization of qNMR"
Dr. Takako Suematsu (JEOL)
16:00~16:30 "The use of qNMR for the establishment of Ph. Eur. reference standards"
Dr. Matthias Weber (EDQM)
16:30~17:00 "Practical aspects of introducing automated qNMR for product release"
Dr. Matthias Abele (Evonik Resource Efficiency GmbH)
17:00~17:30 "qNMR in Diagnostics and Pharma, from Reference Methods to Market registration"
Dr. Christian Geletneky (Roche Diagnostics GmbH)
17:30~18:00 "Good weighing practice for accurate qNMR sample preparation"
Dr. K. Fritsch, Mettler-Toledo
18:00~18:30 Panel Discussion (all speakers)
19:30 Wine tasting at Juliusspital (Juliuspromenade 19, Wuerzburg)

2日目 10月11日(木)

時間 演題
9:00~10:00 Dr. Yang Liu
United States Pharmacopeial Convention (USP)
10:00 Short talks
11:00 Coffee break
11:30 "Low-field NMR in qNMR"
Magritek, Nanalysis, Oxford, Bruker BioSpin
12:30 Keynote
Prof. Dr. Bernd Diehl, Spectral Service AG, Cologne
13:00 Lunch break and poster session
14:00 Open space discussion
15:00 Summaries of discussion
16:00 Concluding remarks and fare well